• Grease-free Spray: Chemicals to be sprayed do not come in contact with the pump lubricating system
  • Durable Structure: All the wetted parts are made of lightweight aluminium, and layered with Anti-Corrosive material
  • Easy to service and maintain, mounted with chemical-resistant diaphragms and valves

The chemicals to be sprayed on the plants only come in contact with the RedBee Diaphragm, which is highly resistant to harsh chemicals. Hence, the replacement of this part is rare as compared to the pistons in a piston pump.

Engine GM152F
Net Power (kW/rpm) 1.25/3600
Max Power (kW/rpm) 1.8/4000
Torque (Nm/rpm) 4/2800
Displacement (cc) 97
Engine Oil (Grade 20-W40) (ml) 400
Dry Weight (kg) 9
Pump DP20
Rating (HP/rpm) 2.5/650
Volumetric Discharge (L/min) 20
Working Pressure (kg/cm2) 20
Accumulator Diaphragm (with 5 BAR pressure)
Pump Oil (Grade 20-W40) (ml) 500
Reduction Gear Box (Grade 90) (ml) 150
Net weight (kg) 4
NOTE: Certified by NRFMTTI, Hisar. A Government of India certified Institute.