• Grease-free Spray: Chemicals to be sprayed do not come in contact with the pump lubricating system
  • Durable Structure: All the wetted parts are made of lightweight aluminium, and layered with Anti-Corrosive material
  • Easy to service and maintain, mounted with chemical-resistant diaphragms and valves

One-Point Handling System
The Redbee DB40 is a Pressure Regulating Valve combined with a 4-way Distributor System.
Includes an Unloader Handle, and a liquid-filled Pressure Gauge – making it simple to handle all operations at one point.

Engine GM152F
Net Power (kW/rpm) 3.8/3600
Max Power (kW/rpm) 4.4/4000
Torque (Nm/rpm) 10/2800
Displacement (cc) 206
Engine Oil (Grade 20-W40) (ml) 600
Dry Weight (kg) 15
Pump DP30 with DB40
Rating (HP/rpm) 5/650
Volumetric Discharge (L/min) 32
Working Pressure (kg/cm2) 20-40
Accumulator Diaphragm (with 5 BAR pressure)
Pump Oil (Grade 20-W40) (ml) 750
Reduction Gear Box (Grade 90) (ml) 250
Net weight (kg) 11
NOTE: Certified by NRFMTTI, Hisar. A Government of India certified Institute.